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Written and Acknowledged Policies and Procedures are No Longer Optional.

In the summer of 2016, the Department of Labor issued 4 examples of "clearly communicated" policies and procedures. All 4 examples included "written and acknowledged".

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First things first. Thank you. After going to a Fred Pryor seminar, we purchased this set of programs to help get our business in order. We tried through the years to make things right, however without a decent outline it was a guessing game. That guessing game came to head around the first of the year when we were turned in by a disgruntled employee and had several agencies calling and harrassing us. For months we struggled with finding the correct answers and eventually we did make it through the audits, but it was not fun. 

We found out that no matter how nice you are to your employees, they are happy to turn against you and use every advantage against us so we decided to protect ourselves and our livelihood. In the first 10 minutes of getting this set up, we have already gotten a Company manual, rules of engagement of an outline for protection of our company and our employees.  

Again, thank you!  

Jim R., Missouri

My organization benefits by the knowledge I gain and that makes me better and we all win. 

Carl F., Maryland

Subscribing was the best thing that I’ve ever done for my company and they’ve helped and supported me countless times in the last year. I wouldn’t hesitate to renew every year.  

Beverly R., Tennessee